The mission of the Rilke Tour and the book, Road Trip with Rilke Round Switzerland, is to introduce people to Rainer Maria Rilke on his 150th anniversary of his birth and to his profound poetry and perceptive prose. Both offer unique insights to promote intellectual growth, intercultural values and induce creative thinking. 

The Rilke Tour, an annual competition, incorporates three elements in keeping with Swiss International Private Schools: Sport (hiking, biking), culture (Rilke poetry and prose), exploration (see the beauty of Switzerland) and help with a charity.

To encourage participation of students there is an annual competition in which they visit as many places associated with Rilke and post selfies on the website as evidence. Prizes will be given to the most active participants who have achieved the most points. There is a 2-night stay in a suite at a 5 star hotel, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and mountain bikes.

All participating Swiss International Private and Public Schools schools are featured free in the new book. In the last month of the competition, a weekly magazine will publish the top three contenders. This raises the excitement level to see who the winners are.

The concept of the challenge arose out of my book, Road Trip with Rilke Round Switzerland. Rilke is one of the few poets who has transcended time. A Korean boy band puts his poems to music, Lady Gaga who starred in the Maison Gucci has a Rilke tattoo on her arms, the American composer, Michael Tilson Thomas, wrote Meditations on Rilke (2020), one of the movies which used his poetry won an Oscar and Whoopee Goldberg starred in film where she consoled a patient with poetry.    

How to Enter


Detailed Rules:

The Winner

The person who gets the most points by submitting selfies from the places Rilke visited and stayed.