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The following article was published in Anzieger von Saanen on 20th June 2023

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Rainer Maria Rilke is a German modernist poet. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his masterpiece, the «Duino Elegies» there is to be a book published in his honour.
And there are prizes to be won.

Rilke was widely travelled and visited many beautiful places in Switzerland, which he, as well as the people whom he met, incorporated into his poems.

This is an opportunity for the Readers to reflect on the experiences he had and letters he wrote during his stay.

Rilke was a life-affirming Poet who has stood the test of time and is still influencing popular culture: from the role in the movie Jojo Rabbit,

awarded an Oscar in 2020 to the tattoo of his poem on Lady Gaga’s arm.

Farrol Kahn has an entertaining and innovative book entitled «Road Trip with Rilke Round Switzerland» that will be released in November 2023.

Award ceremony in November

To highlight this original book, we urge readers to visit as many places as possible in Switzerland, associated with Rilke, from June to October and as proof post selfies on the website (where there is a list).

The awards ceremony will take place in November 2024. A trophy and a prize will be presented to whichever of the hikers, cyclists, train or Car travellers etc. gains the most points based on the quality of their photos.

The grand prize is a stay of two nights in a suite in a 5-star Hotel Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

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